Hello my name is Robert Anderst-

I am a Conservative Christian Republican and the following information are my positions on issues important to District 12 voters.

  • I support free market solutions to our economic challenges.
  • I support lower taxes and a regulatory structure that is pro growth.
  • I support balanced budgets.

I support Education reforms.  As a parent with two kids in public schools, I believe that the most important elements are:

  • A system that rewards good teachers.
  • Minimizes Administration, wherever possible.
  • Always looks for best practices both for effectiveness and cost.
  • Education should be a partnership that includes both teachers and parents.

I support Private Property Rights.

  • I support the 2nd Amendment.
  • I am pro life.
  • I support traditional Marriage.
  • I support States Rights and will always fight to protect them from the Federal Government.

Finally, I recognize that the State has to be careful not to overreach into local issues whenever possible.

If you have any questions on a specific issue, I would be happy to visit with you.

I would appreciate your support.

Thank you,

Robert Anderst, Candidate for Idaho House of Representatives District 12 seat A